SYSTRA MVA’s Contribution to Water World Ocean Park
11 November 2021

SYSTRA MVA’s Contribution to Water World Ocean Park

The Water World Ocean Park launched its grand opening on 21st September, 2021.

The Water World Ocean Park covers a site area of more than 6,400sqm with 27 attractions in 5 zones. The brand-new, aquatic-themed park is the first year-round, all-weather seaside waterfront park in Asia. The world-class theme park features a unique design integrated with its hillside surroundings.

MVA as the Traffic Engineering & Pedestrian Modelling Design Consultant

MVA was commissioned by a Global Architect to prepare construction traffic impact assessment and traffic layout review to support the traffic-related deliverables of the new development.

MVA contributed to Hong Kong’s world-class theme park from tender to design and building stage including detailed internal transport analysis to support the General Building Plan submissions with appropriate management measures in order to avoid the adverse traffic impact on the critical junctions during peak hours.

Key Scope and Solutions:

  • Vehicular access arrangements and traffic generation
  • Junction capacity assessment
  • Parking Provisions
  • Traffic signage and road marking
  • Alleviate potential traffic impacts associated with the proposed development
  • Construction Traffic Impact Assessment (CTIA)
  • Traffic Engineering Inputs for Hoarding Plan Submission

Photo source: Ocean Park Hong Kong

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