MVA Wins the World Bank Project “Urban Transport Demand Management Manual of China” to Relieve Traffic Congestion and Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emission of Large Cities in China
10 July 2015

MVA Wins the World Bank Project “Urban Transport Demand Management Manual of China” to Relieve Traffic Congestion and Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emission of Large Cities in China

MVA has won the project Urban Transport Demand Management Manual of China early this year, which is funded by Global Environmental Fund (GEF) run by World Bank. The project will be jointly carried out by Shenzhen, Beijing and Hong Kong offices of MVA, together with Beijing Transportation Research Center. The project aims to relieve traffic congestion and reduce greenhouse gas emission of large cities in China through the preparation of framework, manual and guideline about the planning and policy of promoting public transport and refraining transport demand. The total project fee is amounted to RMB $3.6 million while MVA accounts 60% of the lump sum. The project has been started in May 2015, it takes around 15 months and is planned to be finished by Aug 2016.

Following the boost of economic and urbanization, motorization has also experienced a swift growth in the cities of China. Vehicle ownership of China has reached 240 million up to end of 2012 and mitigation of traffic congestion and reduction of carbon emission have become the major objective of many different cities. With the approval of GEF-funded project “Congestion Mitigation and Carbon Emission Reduction”, the Ministry of Transport will be the central executive organization whilst World Bank will be one of the executive organizations. The project will review the escalation of traffic congestion and carbon emission of cities in China, prepare Urban Transport Demand Management Manual and study “The 13th 5-Year” Transport Development Planning Outline. The manual will be prepared based on the case study of urban traffic demand management and performance evaluation methods in line with the socio-economic development of China, and national energy conservation and emission reduction targets.

Mr. Danny Shek, the Technical Director of MVA, being the project-in-charge has expressed his confidence to complete the project successfully. He said, “This will be a challenging and important project with collaboration between different offices and parties. We need technical cooperation between offices and departments to provide an all-rounded and comprehensive review of transport demand management policy for China. We believe the project will introduce a new recognition of services that can be provided by MVA”. Mr. Vincent Chan, the Director of MVA, will provide countless support to this project. He said, “This project will be an opportunity and challenge to MVA. It has endorsed the leading role of MVA in the industry again. We are committed to improve urban traffic condition by paying our continuous effort to develop a more accessible and efficient transport system. Meanwhile, we will focus on carbon emission reduction through transport management measures, targeting to relieve the impact to the environment from modern transport”.

Table Summary
Total Cost:
RMB$3.6 million
Commencement Date:
May 2015
Total Cost (MVA):
RMB$2 million
August 2016
Ministry of Transport of the People’s Republic of China
Funding Agency:
Global Environmental Fund (GEF)
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