Public Transport Studies

Public Transport Studies

SYSTRA MVA provide first class design advice and assessment on public transport facilities throughout Singapore and South East Asia. From bus staging grounds, through bus depots and maintenance facilities to master-planning of integrated transport hubs and transit oriented development we can provide you with a suite of services to help get your project built.

Our experience includes design advisory on on 14 bus depots in Singapore as well as bus interchanges and parks. We understand that the optimal configuration of public transport interchange zones need to balance the needs of differing groups with different aspirations and expectations.

The most successful transport systems are the ones that combine a broad range of mobility options into an integrated network, with an emphasis on more sustainable means, like mass transit combined with walking or cycling. Such systems allow passengers to transition seamlessly from one mode to another based with an emphasis on access, convenience, affordability, and quality of service.

SYSTRA MVA are experts in planning, design and evaluation of public transport systems. We provide specialist advice to bus operators to improve their bus operations and services to integrate with the new or existing railway facilities. Our experts are also experienced in conducting patronage forecasting studies on ferry, rail and automated people mover systems.

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