PL178 Review of Public Transit Fares Structure

PL178 Review of Public Transit Fares Structure

SYSTRA MVA together with KPMG were appointed by LTA to review the public transport fare structure to mminimize the challenges so as to achieve a sustainable and easily communicable fare structure and fares-setting principles.

The Distance Fare (DF) structure was introduced in 2010 to allow commuters to make transfers without incurring additional costs on the public transit system. Currently, fares calculation is guided by a set of fare-setting principles to ensure that commuters travel the same distance will pay the same amount.

With the expansion of rail and bus network, especially the introduction of the DownTown Line (DTL), the number of routes that commuters can take to travel increase dramatically.

Thus, LTA is looking to review the current DF structure and its fare-setting principles, and recalibrate the structure to ensure that the fares can be easily communicated to the public and the system as a whole remains financially sustainable, especially when the network expand over time.

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