MVA as the Lead Traffic Consultant for the New Transport Department Vehicle Examination Complex

MVA as the Lead Traffic Consultant for the New Transport Department Vehicle Examination Complex

The newly completed Transport Department Vehicle Examination Complex (TDVEC) has commenced services since 1st April 2021 in phases.

The multi-storey TDVEC is located at 18 Sai Tso Wan Road in Tsing Yi, bounded by Tsing Sha Highway and Cheung Tsing highway, the two key highways leading to the Tsing Ma Bridge. The TDVEC now serves as the only integrated building to provide automated assessments to all kinds of vehicles.

The site consists of a site-area of an approximate of 34,300 sqm and designed to handle 1,000 vehicles per day. The assessments can be carried out to vehicles ranging from public transport passenger vehicles, to all types of goods vehicles and special purpose vehicles. It’s one of the world’s largest facilities and one of its first kind in Hong Kong.

The complex is well designed with 30 inspection lanes in three floors respectively and multiple ingress/egress points, vehicle inspection facilities, testing facilities and associated auxiliary equipment and office.

Two of the three vehicle examination centres had ceased operation on 1st April and 21st June 2021 respectively, originally located in Kowloon Bay and To Kwa Wan, have now been reprovisioned and relocated to Tsing Yi in a 3-storey structure, with services currently offered on ground floor and first floor. For the To Kwa Wan Vehicle Examination Centre, the date of relocation is to be confirmed and announced by the Transport Department at a later stage.

SYSTRA MVA as the Lead Traffic Consultant

As the Lead Traffic Consultant, SYSTRA MVA continued to be a pioneer in providing professional traffic advice and has carried out a detailed traffic design for the Hong Kong Transport Department Vehicle Examination Complex since 2017. MVA was involved from Tender to Design and Construction Stages, led by Hip Hing Construction Co Ltd.

MVA transportation experts stated that “TDVEC is a very iconic and special project in the Hong Kong transportation field since it’s designed and built with world-class facilities, coupled with automated vehicle examination in Hong Kong, developed as part of the Hong Kong Smart City blueprint and long-term sustainability for the city.“

Key Solutions:

  • Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA)
  • Temporary Traffic Management (TTM)
  • Noise Impact Assessment (NIA)
  • Air Impact Assessment (AIA)
  • Long Term Traffic Forecast
  • Traffic Engineering Input at Detailed Design Stage

Photo source: HKSARGOV website

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