MVA has concluded Master Plan stage for Guiyang Hua Guo Yuan

MVA has concluded Master Plan stage for Guiyang Hua Guo Yuan

February 16, 2012 - In March 2011, MVA was awarded the Master Plan Traffic Study for Guiyang Hua Guo Yuan (HGY) Development. The HGY development is located in Guiyang, Guizhou Province of Southwest China. The site’s footprint is about 5.2 square kilometers, with about 40% remain nature reserve. The built-up Gross Floor Area is 19 million square meters, consisting residential, commercial, office, hotel and public amenities. The forecast population and employment will reach 480,000 and 250,000 respectively. The prominent features of HGY include the twin-tower office buildings at its central business district, a 160-thousand square meter Wetland Park, as well as a 270-thousand square meter central plaza.

The Master Plan Traffic Study was prepared by MVA, with the following objectives:

  • Propose road network schemes based on the traffic demand forecast, which should include Primary Road, Secondary Road, Local Access Circulation as well as underground traffic circulation;
  • Study connections with external road network, and optimize accessibility of the development;
  • Study and propose public transport system, which should have a inter-city railway as its backbone;
  • Study and propose a internal medium-capacity rail transport system, which should include routes-planning, station design and interchange with the inter-city railway system;
  • Study and propose public bus routes, covering both internal routes (running within the development) and external routes (connect to city-centre and other parts of Guiyang); Study and propose pedestrian network that connects the various zones within the development, with proper grade separation from vehicular traffic and weather-protected pedestrian connection to various public transport facilities.

From March to October 2011, MVA has been actively engaged in meetings and correspondence with the joint-meeting groups, which involved the client, the local lead consultant, local authorities, architects of the various land parcel (Benoy and PCP) as well as fellow consultants (such as Meinhardt and Halcrow). The final version of the Master Plan Traffic Study Report is to be submitted in January 2012.

The Master Plan prepared by MVA prioritized the highway schemes and traffic proposals, which involves a few grade separated road segments, intersections that cater to the future development traffic and through traffic.

Due to the large scale of the development, it is also necessary to include detailed planning for a public transport system, including an inter-city railway. MVA has actively engaged the local authorities and the railway company and has proposed recommendations to integrate the provincial railway plan with the development master plan. MVA has also undergone a detailed study of a comprehensive public transport system:

  • The inter-city railway system serves the major traffic corridor as the backbone of the public transport system;
  • The internal medium-capacity railway system serves the major traffic corridor within the development site, and complements the railway network coverage within the development; bus routes and bus rapid transit (BRT) serves as local feeders that can interchange with the inter-city and the local medium-capacity railway; external bus routes can also service secondary traffic corridors and connects with other major destinations in Guiyang and its neighboring cities

Upcoming work following the Master Plan Traffic Study includes detailed design of road networks in localized zones/areas, a corresponding pedestrian facilities design, and continual liaison with the local railway company for the public transport planning.

The Study Team includes staff from Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Singapore offices.

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